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Architectural and decorative lighting 
and illumination projects 



27.01.2008 - The company took part in the Christmas World 2008 exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany (January 23-27). Подробнее...

LED tent

10.11.2007 - The development of the LED tree light and LED Christmas tree is completed. More...

LED Christmas tree

10.01.2007 - The company was announced winner of Russia's first ever light festival on Moscow's Chistie Prudi. More...

Light Festival, Chistie Prudi, Moscow

07.11 - 12.11.2006 - The company took part in the "Advertising-2006" exhibition in the Moscow Expocenter. More...
01.09.2006 - The company's website opens.

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“Ruslightproject” specializes in illumination design projects, which include: decorative lighting, lighting architectural complexes, outdoor lighting, holiday illumination, lighting design, building front lighting and outline illumination projects. We also offer our services on repairing and modernizing lighting systems on already existing objects and lighting systems with LED spotlights.

    All of our projects are turnkey:

    Step 1. Developing the design.

    Efficiently defining the front of a cottage, building or square is only possible with the help of original designer ideas. On this phase of work we will have a detailed look at your suggestions, investigate the object, place highlights where necessary in order to outline the building’s architectural merits and hide, if any, all structural drawbacks.
    Projects of this kind use the latest 3D modeling technology, which allows the specialists to reflect the real lighting picture on the object, taking into account the relief of the building front, the scenery and surroundings etc.

    Step 2. Illuminating engineering project.
    In case the project contains a claim for the luminosity level, we will calculate the level of luminosity and brightness of the working surface with 3D visualization and select the illumination equipment in accordance with the created architectural or decorative lighting design.

    Step 3. “Electroproject”.
    In this phase we shall prepare the documents required for conducting electric installation works.

    Step 4. Selecting and supplying the equipment and spare parts.
    Here we shall supply the necessary electric and lighting equipment in accordance with your project. We will deliver the lamps, spotlights, twinkle lights and other LED lighting units, along with the wiring, various controllers and power supply units. If you wish, you may place a specific order, we can work out and deliver a consignment of specific custom-made goods in accordance with your technical requirements (with a fixed color temperature, chosen surface colors and plug-and-socket types etc.)

    Step 5. Assembly and installation.
    We will design and assemble the necessary corbels and holders for setting lighting equipment and install the wiring, the corbels and the lighting equipment itself. We shall them conduct all commissioning and initial testing activities.


Business offer by E-mail - send us a photograph by e-mail and we will offer one of the standard variants of decorative and architectural lighting and calculate the approximate cost. You shall recieve all the equipment specification and the calculated costs by e-mail. On the basis of this information you will get an idea of the cost of the project and after an agreement has been reached the design project development stage begins. According to the approved design project the final equipment specification and table of quantities are determined


Step one - You send a photograph of the object along with your suggestions on lighting and illumination by e-mail. The recommended file size mustn't be smaller than 800 Х 600 pixels and mustn't exceed 9mb. Recommended file formats are *.JPG, *.TIF, *.PSD, *.GIF. You can also send files on building fronts in AutoCad format or a 3D model of the object in 3ds.max

Step two - On the basis of the received materials we offer to you one of the standard variants of illumination in accordance with your requirements and during the next 3 days you will recieve our business offer by e-mail.

Step three - You place an order with us for developing a lighting design project

Step four - Both sides sign a contract for supplying the necessary equipment or executing turnkey works on the project.

RusLightProject: architectural lighting, lighting projects, outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, holiday illumination, lighting design, LED spotlights, building front lighting, decorative light, outline illumination.

tel/fax: +7 (495) 228-78-80

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