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Light festival

Moscow light festival, Chistoprudiy boulevard

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Moscow light festival, Chistoprudiy boulevard

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First prize of the 1st Moscow light festival award( Chistoprudniy boulevard, Moscow, 2007)

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Realizing the program of developing innovation techniques in decorative light design of the urban environment, one of the leading Russian companies Itog , with the help of its light department under the trademark Ruslight took part in the First Russian Light Festival, which took place in Moscow on the Chistoprudni boulevard from 26th December 2006 to 10th January 2007.

Every day from 18.00 to 24.00, and on New Years Eve until 3 in the morning, the visitors, citizens and guests of Moscow, witnessed a spectacular and magical show, displayed in the variety of compositions of the participants of the festival.

The companys aim was to decorate the part of the boulevard that directly bordered with the open part of the famous ponds. The size of the area was 2035 m, and the dominating group of majestic old poplars in the centre, surrounded by its little lime companions inspired the creation of the artistic light composition with the thematic name Constellation The central part of the installation imitates a black star vortex with an unusual emanating emerald light, around which the constellation and glimmering nebulas are situated, hovering in the space between the poplars and the limes, reaching upwards.

The main idea of the composition, on the one hand, was to create the atmosphere of distant or close, but unknown regions of space, where new constellations may be observed, on the other hand, to attract the visitors, to give then the opportunity to go through the constellation and to feel part of the Universe. The design of the composition was developed by a company artist and is based on the qualities of the specific properties of the area, possible places of installation elements fastening and the location of trees. At the same time the demand of the organizers not to affect the plants while arranging the light and decorative equipment was fulfilled. The experience, gained from decoration of urban and suburban landscapes combined with the professional work of fitters allowed to solve this at first sight difficult problem the trees were winded round with over 500 m of kapron top cord for the installation of the cable system so as not to damage the bark.

The funnel is made of white LED twinkle lights with diffusers that help visually enlarge the cold point of the LED light. The twinkle light uses a safe voltage of 24V, which itself was very important during the Festival, as many children try to grab hold of the lights or rip off a lamp to keep it as a souvenir, while the wires are constantly being tested by the teeth and fangs of pets accompanying the attending families.

Blue nebulas made from LED twinkle lights emerge from the center of the composition and stretch forward along with the constellation itself with dynamic light effects imitating the movement of stars around the funnel. The star figures are made in the form of 3D illuminated elements (size 879292mm).

The lighting effect of the funnel is created by using eight 400W metal halide spotlights Ruslight (with different color lamps), in order to illuminate the tree tops with a vigorous light flow of saturated green, that allows to highlight even the smallest branch and owing to the size of the trees (height over 15m), create an amazing starry sky effect.

All in all, the design and engineering solution of the composition Constellation are made in the standard style of our company keeping to the basic ideology of modern landscape decorative lighting, that allows to combine traditional and absolutely new illumination technologies, in the end allowing us to offer a bright, dynamic, safe and available illumination project.

During the Festival the visitors voted for the best illumination project (the total amount of votes exceeded 50 thousand), also a highly qualified group of professional judges worked on the project. The jury included:
Alexander Fedotishev director of public enterprise Mossovet,
Uri Nazarov president of the designers union,
Gennadiy Shahparunyanz general director of VNISI,
Nikolay Shepetkov general manager of the company Masterskaya sveta #9,
Damir Ismagilov senior illumination artist at the Bolshoy theatre,
according to the opinion of the voters, our company was announced winner of the 1st Russian light Festival on Moscows Chistie Prudi

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