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LED or light-emitting diodes began to be used as sources of light in illumination engineering only after the creation of highly effective LED lights of various colors, especially white and blue.
LED lights are a cutting-edge new technology in illumination engineering, the development of which doesnТt stop as LED lights are being used in a constantly growing number of areas.

Linear LED modulus or LED Lines



Linear LED modulus or LED Lines are shockproof and not sensitive to vibration. Small installation height (less than 10mm) allows to create a flat illumination design without shadows with the help of a series of objects on the illuminated side. The high density of LED lights helps receive a bright and homogeneous lighting effect. LED LinesТ connections are practically invisible for the naked eye thanks to flat connectors. The multi-purpose LED lines can be used for high quality indoor and outdoor illumination, decorative lighting, light boxes, illuminating store windows etc. due to even light distribution. The rated direct voltage is 24V/20mA; there is also the possibility of connection with the modulus, as well as control the dynamics and light color. Life utility Ц 50000 hours.

LED neon lights

Flexible neon. LED neon lights

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LED neon lights. This type of light is one of the most essential products in the area of outdoor advertising, as it is by all means a great alternative for ordinary neon lights as it gives light just as bright, while solving all the problems of neon lights such as high voltage, fragility and difficult installation. Flexibility, the possibility of cutting it into an unlimited amount of equal pieces, low energy consumption combined with great mechanical strength, evenly dispersed bright cold light and an unbeatable life utility Ц these are only some of the clear advantages of using LED neon lights.

Flexible LED cartridges

LED line flex

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Flexible LED cartridges are made using a flexible and durable material, which makes them a good choice for practically any illumination project. Due to high flexibility of the material, the minimum bending radius is less than 20mm. They are also not sensitive to vibration, and the maximum lighting angle is 120 degrees helps receive evenly dispersed bright light. Connections are practically invisible for the naked eye thanks to flat connectors. Are usually used in outdoor advertising, light boxes, illuminating 3D letters, building fronts, and also for interior and decorative illumination, signs, outline illumination etc. Rated voltage 24V.

Flexible LED lines or LED line flex (SMD)

LED lights

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Flexible LED lines or LED line flex (SMD) are LED linear illumination modulus with a conducting base (base thickness 0.15mm). With the help of LED lines (SMD) and their outstanding flexibility, one can use them for difficult illumination projects. They are installed with the help of double-sided tape. Are usually used in interior design (outline illumination of ceilings, niches, floors, furniture etc.), and outlining building fronts. Outdoor use: advertisements (ultra thin light boxes, 3D letters, light compositions etc.), lighting signs and outlines on roads. Rated direct voltage 12V/350mA. There is a possibility of connection with dynamic effects and light color controllers.

LED matrices

—ветодиодные матрицы DLBS

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LED matrices are designed especially for use in various lighting units. They can be used outdoors as well as indoors depending on the design philosophy. Are used for decorative illumination purposes in stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, theatres etc. as collimated light radiators. When used outdoors are usually used in advertising (light boxes, titrimetric letters, light pictures), and landscape lighting design projects etc.

LED modulus



LED modulus on the basis of high power LED lights are modern illumination elements that help to accomplish many tasks we face in lighting and illumination design. They can be used indoors or outdoors depending on which version modulus one is using. The LED lights service life is approximately 100000 hours. Are used in interior design (decorative illumination of offices, bars, restaurants, clubs, museums or art galleries, store windows etc.) as well as outdoors (illumination of decorative elements of buildings, fountains and roads).

LED spotlights

јрхитектурна€ подсветка светодиодными прожекторами


LED spotlights basing on extra-high-power diodes are elements of modern illumination equipment with the possibility of replacing disabled LED elements. High light efficiency allows to use these lights as the primary source of light as well as an additional one. Used in architectural and decorative illumination, lighting of car parks, as for indoor use, they are used in shopping centers, bars and restaurants, halls and hotel hallways, jewelry and art galleries etc.

LED lamps

—ветодиодные лампы


LED lamps are one of the most popular elements used while creating illumination in projects on decorating streets, squares, building fronts, shopping malls etc, as well as in festive illumination.

Strobe lights



Stationery stroboscopic lights or strobes are intended for creating dynamic lighting effects in decorative illumination, outdoor advertising, shows etc. Each strobe has it own electric board which is why is doesnТt require additional equipment during assembly and installation. A light waterproof case and easy installation give you the chance to use these strobe lights practically on any surface anywhere.

LED hurdle lights

—ветодиодные трубки


LED hurdle lights are made especially for architectural lighting. They are best fit for highlighting the outlines of buildings. The lightТs disperser is made of transparent or opal polycarbonate, inside there is a printed circuit board with installed LED lights on it. Its energy preserving technology allows it to let out less heat and create evenly dispersed non-dazzling light. These lights are connected with a common data bus. Used in: outdoor advertising, illuminating the outlines and fronts of buildings, bridges and embankments. LED hurdle lights are a great solution for city decorating lighting projects. The optional connection to an external controller can allow creating different dynamic lighting effects such as: displaying static pictures, trailers, text information etc.

Lighting elements



Lighting elements are complete illumination compositions of different shapes intended for decorating streets, squares, highways, building fronts, gardens, parks etc. If connected with an outer controller one can create various dynamic lighting effects.

LED tree

—ветодиодное дерево


The LED tree is a unique item consisting of the tree trunk and branches with LED lights installed on them. Silicon caps are placed on each LED light to imitate cherry flowers. Possible colors: red, yellow, white, blue, green. Tree height 3.6m, diameter 3m. The tree is to be set indoors or outdoors. Power consumed 416W.

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