Architectural and decorative lighting 
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Decorative lighting


Световые элементы из дюралайта


Is effective for creating indoor and outdoor advertisements. This flexible rope light is also extremely strong and durable. This type of light can work up to 25000 hours non-stop. There is a wide range of possible colors available, along with different possible lighting mode.

LED duralight

Светодиодный дюралайт


Is intended for indoor and outdoor advertising, however using this type of duralight is much more advantageous and effective, as this product’s main features include low energy consumption, extra-bright and high-efficiency light with a great durability index (up to 100000 hours of non-stop work). Moreover, LED duralight has extra-high working load rigidity and is UV light-proof.

Curtain lights and LED curtain lights

Световой и светодиодный дождь


Are used for creating a “curtain of light” effect in store windows and on building walls, also for decorating 3D columns, pavilions, front porches of casinos, bars and restaurants. It is also possible to set a “flowing light” effect on this type of twinkle light.

Belt light

Кабель с патронами E27. Белт-лайт.


Is a lighting element made of rubber cable with sockets and is used mostly in outdoor advertising. Its main purpose is creating dynamic lighting effects in the decorative illumination of building fronts, casinos, store windows, advertisements, bridges and other constructions. If connected to a controller it can be given a “flowing light” effect. The structure of these twinkle lights allows to use them with all kinds of lamps with an E27 cap, including strobe and LED lamps.

LED lamps

Светодиодные лампы


LED lamps with an E27 cap. Of all their features the most important ones are incomparable to ordinary incandescent lamps stable light efficiency (brightness and light flux), color depth and durability (up to 100000 hours). Despite the fact that this product is energy-efficient, the lamp light is visible from a very long distance. The LED lamp is dust and waterproof and can work in temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees centigrade.

Clip light

Световые гирлянды клип лайт с лампочками накаливания


This twinkle light would be your best choice for attracting attention to your office, shop or restaurant and decorating its surrounding territory, mainly because it is especially made for tree illumination. This product uses a special kind of lamps that can work even in the most difficult weather conditions.

LED net lights



Net lights are made especially for creating decorative illuminated hovels, in order to highlight the beauty of any building’s shapes. Apart from the ordinary lighting mode (permanent light), one can create dynamic lighting effects with the help of a controller.


Гибкие линейные световые модули


A controller is an irreplaceable device meant for creating various dynamic lighting effects on elements of decorative lighting.

Dynamic light devices



Dynamic light devices (various fireworks, fountains, flowers). These light animation devices are an ideal element of decorative design for parks, squares, hotels and office buildings, as it helps to imitate fireworks and other pyrotechnics effects, therefore the effect you get from installing these lights will definitely help attract attention to the advertised object. The illumination is visible from a very long distance as the equipment is hung on poles high above the ground. All the products in this category are made using a special flexible type of duralight and therefore have great durability (up to 25000hours when using incandescent lamps and 100000hours using LED lamps), high wind and UV light resistance, are also waterproof. These lights come with controllers, that help create wonderful animation lighting effects.

LED neon lights

Прожектор металлогалогенный Ruslight 302


LED neon lights. This type of light is one of the most essential products in the area of outdoor advertising, as it is by all means a great alternative for ordinary neon lights as it gives light just as bright, while solving all the problems of neon lights such as high voltage, fragility and difficult installation. Flexibility, the possibility of cutting it into an unlimited amount of equal pieces, low energy consumption combined with great mechanical strength, evenly dispersed bright cold light and an unbeatable life utility – these are only some of the clear advantages of using LED neon lights.

LED matrices

Прожектор металлогалогенный Ruslight Lumina


LED matrices are used mainly for illuminating company logos, titrimetric letters and outdoor advertisements. LED matrices are much better than ordinary lighting system for a whole number of reasons: - low energy consumption - great durability: up to 100000hours of service (neon lights 60000hours, luminescent lights -10000hours) - easy in assembly and installation - are highly resistant to outer mechanical impacts - LED lights emit light of great brightness and rich color - 100% waterproof - use low voltage (12V); Using matrices with LED lights of different colors at the same time (red, green and blue) allows you to set a “multi-light” mode.


Прожектор металлогалогенный Ruslight 412


This wire is ideal for creating illuminated inscriptions and logos of any complexity, and also for creating flat or 3D advertisements for interiors and store windows. Moreover, it is widely used in clothes design. This flexible lighting system will help you accomplish practically any task you are facing, as the thin wire is easy to cut into stripes of any required length, to solder anywhere, it is waterproof and has a wide range of possible colors and stable color characteristics.

LED hurdle lights

Прожектор металлогалогенный Ruslight 413


LED hurdle lights. Are used in outline illumination of windows of houses and stores, outdoor advertisements, and also in interior design. These lights are irreplaceable if what you need is linear illumination, because using them allows you to create definite outline illumination of different areas of the object. The light emits so-called “cold” and crystal clear light. This light is an energy preserving product and is very simple in use, has low maintenance costs, low heat emitting characteristics and stable light output. The dimensions are: length 1m, diameter 15mm, tube material – transparent polycarbonate. The energy consumption of yellow and red LED lights is 3W, of blue, green and white lights is 5W.

Strobe flash lights

Грунтовый светильник металлогалогенный Ruslight


Strobe flash lights. Flash lamps are used mainly for installation on various construction such as outdoor advertisements, light boxes, building fronts and outdoor Christmas trees. This product is among the most popular and most effective ones used in advertising and architectural illumination to attract the attention of passers-by, because the flashing light of the lamps or LED lights are visible from far distances even in daylight. Strobe flash lights have a laid on hermetical case with a universal connector for any surface and a waterproof strobe with an E27 cap. This strobe is also suitable for using with belt light. Possible colors: white, red, yellow, blue and green. Flash lamps energy consumption is 4W, in moments of discharge 14W, LED lamps enegy consumption is much lower.

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